Sulina for kids
1.Buckle My Shoe (traditional)$1.29Buy
2.Color Blue (Sulinha)$1.29Buy
3.The Days of the Week Around the World (Sulinha)$1.29Buy
4.Horsey Horsey (traditional)$1.29Buy
5.Chugga Chugga Ching Ching (Liz Buchanan)$1.29Buy
6.It's Raining, It's Pouring (traditional)$1.29Buy
7.This Old Man (traditional)$1.29Buy
8.Little Fingers (Sulinha/Marion Campos)$1.29Buy
9.Airplane (I'm a little teapot-traditoinal, lyrics by Caterine Peterson/Emma/Sulinha)$1.29Buy
10.ABC (Mozart-traditional)$1.29Buy
11.Itsy Bitsy Spider(traditional)$1.29Buy
12.Numbers in Spanish and Winter Song (Frere Jaque-traditional-lyrics by Sulinha)$1.29Buy
13.Good Night (Sulinha)$1.29Buy
1.Imagination (Sulinha/Julia Boucher)$1.29Buy
2.Alligator in the Elevator (Rick Charette)$1.29Buy
3.Summer Blues (Sulinha/Julia Boucher)$1.29Buy
4.Down by the Bay(traditional/Julia Boucher)$1.29Buy
5.Daisy (Sulinha/Julia Boucher) $1.29Buy
6.Crackers and Crumbs(Sulinha/Julia Boucher)$1.29Buy
7.My Dog Joni (Sulinha/Julia Boucher)$1.29Buy
8.Dancing (Sulinha/Julia Boucher)$1.29Buy
9.Open Shut (traditional)$1.29Buy
10.Outer Space (Sulinha/Julia Boucher)$1.29Buy
11.Zoom zoom zoom (Ellen Allard)$1.29Buy
12.I've Been Working on My Homework (traditional/Julia Boucher)$1.29Buy
13.Fish (traditional)$1.29Buy
14.My Dream Last Night (Marcos Amorim/Julia Boucher)$1.29Buy