Acoustic Brazil
Acoustic Brazil is an elementary school performance program which exposes the students to the different musical styles of Brazil. These include: SAMBA, BOSSA NOVA, CHORO, and BAIÃO. Through these styles of music, the students will experience the sounds of the CAVAQUINHO, the SURDO, the PANDEIRO, and the BERIMBAU. They will learn about each instrument and become a part of a Carnaval rhythm section called SAMBA BATUCADA. This musical presentation includes Sulinha Boucher, Julio Santos, and additional musical guest(s).
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Sulinha and guitar
Julio Santos
Graduated from Berklee College of Music, Julio Santos specializes in Brazilian percussion, and is adept with instruments and rhythms of various countries around the world. He began his musical studies in Sao Paulo, Brazil in a non-profit organization called Meninos do Morumbi. There, Julio had the opportunity to play alongside many great musicians and performed for celebrities such as former president George W. Bush, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Madonna, and the Mexican band Maná. He also played with many famous Brazilian artists including Marcos Valle, Guinga and has performed in venues including the Windsor Castle in England, Passadena in California, and several Brazilian states.